Find Product Ideas Instantly with ChatGPT

Sometimes the solo bit of solopreneur is difficult.

Especially when it comes to figuring out what products to create for your audience.

Sometimes you need someone to bounce ideas off. Or throw new ones into the mix.

And it’s not always easy to find someone. And not possible to have someone with immediate availability 24/7.

Except… now you can.

It’s time to embrace AI.

It might suck for writing anything beyond vanilla flavored copy (and rightfully banned from this platform).

But for idea generation, I love it.

ChatGPT is my tool of choice.

Let’s walk through an example to get ideas for a digital product.

The Audience

The key starting point is that you know your audience. I’m making the assumption you do, and I won’t go into audience discovery here.

But if you haven’t zoomed in on exactly who you’re wanting to help, then you can run this for all the audiences that interest you. Then get a feel for the types of problems and products you could create.

My audience for this example (and one I’ve served in the past) is:

Newsletter Writers where the newsletter will be their main business and currently have less than 1K subscribers.

It’s relatively clear who these people are.

I could get more specific but we’ll see where this takes us.

The Prompt

So we need a prompt to get what we want from ChatGPT

Here’s what I’m going to use:

I am a solopreneur wanting to create a digital product to sell to this group of people:

Newsletter Writers where the newsletter will be their main business and currently have less than 1K subscribers.

Give me 10 problems I could solve for them and ideas for digital products that I could create to solve each problem.

Do not include software tools in the solutions

I’ve told it who I want it to be. And who I am.

I’ve given the target audience and what I want in the output.

I also excluded software tools. I’m not looking to create software so I want to be clear that it’s not needed here.

The Output

Here’s what ChatGTP came up with:

We’ve got 10 problems, a product idea for each and some example content.

Maybe something already jumps out at you — a problem you’re aware exists (and ChatGPT not making it up) and you have the knowledge and experience to provide a solution.

For 20+ other ways to find problems you can solve with digital products, check out Idea Finder

Going Further

With ChatGPT we can start to dig a little deeper.

Let’s say Growing Subscriber Base is interesting. But you want some more ideas for products.

We can get more ideas with a prompt like this:

I want to solve the problem: Struggling to increase the number of subscribers.

Can you give me 10 ideas for digital products I could create to solve this problem.

Do not include software products in the solutions.

Now we’ve got more outputs to work with:

I could do that for each of the original problems. And within a few minutes I’d have 100 ideas for products.

And anything that looks interesting I could drill down deeper and deeper.

Next Steps

I could use ChatGPT to…

  • Get some guidance on how to validate these ideas and potential products.
  • Provide questions to use in researching a problem.
  • Analyze research data — surveys, community content, social media content etc
  • Come up with a framework to rank the ideas

Eventually deciding a final product based upon what your audience wants. ChatGPT can help at each step.

Then… use ChatGPT to help you structure the product.

And when the product is finally created, use ChatGPT to help you sell the product.

This is an exciting time to be a solopreneur.

AI is enabling us to achieve more — saving our mental bandwidth stressing about ideas or saving time in getting those ideas ready to add our own creativity, and put them in front of our audiences.

Wherever you get stuck building your business, ChatGPT or other AI tools are there to help.

Don’t sleep on it.

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