Real Life Adventures: May 2024

It’s another one of those school holidays and my kid is off for the week.

So we took a risk on late spring English weather and went camping.



However… a big fat caveat… we were glamping and our friends camped in our tent’s garden. 🤣

And anther caveat… it was only two nights and then we headed to the coast on the edge of the New Forest and a hotel with windows and doors and a restaurant.

Back to the camping.

This was our tent and outside kitchen (with gas stove).

I call it a tent but it had a wooden floor and three, proper real beds. We weren’t exactly wild camping.

We got some decent weather on the first day.

We also had a fire pit for cooking up some meat and toasting marshmallows.

But that good first day weather turned English on day 2. Drizzle and wind all day.

We still enjoyed it.

It’s terrifying watching your 6 year old use your knife – lost count how many times I had to get him to move that finger away from the blade.

After the camping we set off down towards the New Forest and to the coast in a place called Milford on Sea.

But first a stop in Winchester which has all kinds of old historic stuff going on (used to be capital of England until the 13th century).

We didn’t have long but headed to see King Arthur’s round table in The Great Hall.

It’s not really King Arthur’s round table but dates back to the 13th century. And was painted for Henry VIII in the 1500’s.

The next few days we got that sunny weather back and spent most of the time on the beach…

We visited Hurst Castle – built by Henry VIII and has a bunch of history including use during World War I and II.

Still thinks he’s King Arthur

On our way home we stopped off at Lepe Country Park for some beautiful sunshine, catching crabs and views of the Isle of Wight.

Things took a weird turn when we heard there was a small shark struggling in the shallows.

So we went to take a look.

It seemed in a bad way but still alive. Eventually we helped get it into deeper water but not sure it was going to make it.

Not the best quality photo…

After the heroic shark rescue, we headed home, back to the real world.

A fun week.

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